Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Litre of Tears... More than just a movie...

I never thought that my life would be affected so much by a movie, but it does. '1 Litre of Tears', that's the title of the movie that makes me realize what's the meaning of live and how to be a better man.

The movie was based on a true story about a girl named Kitou Aya. She got a disease called Spinocereberral Degeneration Disease and until now there's no known cure for this cruel disease. This disease makes a person to slowly lose control over his body, every basic human abilities. And this girl, who was 15th years old when she got this disease, fought for her life and still try to help others until the very last moment of her life.

At the first time she got this disease, she did not have any reason to live, cause she felt that she was only waited for her time. But after that, she had found the meaning of life because of this disease too. And she shared about what she had found to everyone through her diary.

This movie shared many of Aya's thought about live and how she faced her 'world' after she got that disease. On of her words that influence me so much was:

People shouldn't dwell on the past. It's enough to try your best in all that you're doing now.

Only by a simple words like this, I was realize that I must go on and I realize that past failures should make better next time.

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