Thursday, January 21, 2010

You know you’re a Slackware user when…

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Ever since I’ve started using Linux, Slackware has been my distro of choice. Thanks to my late friend Stanley for introducing it to me. I have tried many other distros like, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Xandros, VectorLinux, Gentoo, Debian, and others. But I still keep coming back in using Slackware.

I recently scanned my mailbox’s draft folder and have found this list useful to post. I really forgot where I got this from but credits goes to the contributors!

1. Users of other distros all seem like newbies to you.
2. You cannot stand people who don’t try to help themselves.
3. You feel a great disturbing in the force if you login and see no fortune quote.
4. You get nervous if /var/log/packages is missing.
5. The words “automatic dependency resolution” send shivers down your spine.
6. You think pam belongs in the kitchen, and not on a linux box.
7. You don’t know how to install something that doesn’t come in a source tarball.
8. Prebuilt packages are like fast food: the least the better.
9. You start twitching when all you can find is RPM’s.
10. You know who “Bob” is.
11. You know what man pages are.
12. You actually read man pages.
13. Other members of your LUG hold a certain reverence toward you as “That Guy”.
14. Some of them think you’re crazy.
15. They’re right.
16. You can think of 4 different answers to “how do I partition my hard drive”
17. One of them is “however you want”
18. “However you want” is a valid answer to any question.
19. You beat everyone at uptime contests.
20. You bash people for using /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh.
21. You have a life size poster of Pat Volkerding.
22. You’ve run a headless box at a remote location and it JUST WORKS.
23. You find it strange to see a machine without a working framebuffer.
24. You know how to configure your scroll mouse.
25. You know how to configure everything else too.
26. You see /etc/init.d in your nightmares.
27. You think /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf is for retards.
28. RPM is a mechanical term.
29. You have re-written rpm to a one line bash script.
30. You scold people who recommend using slapt-get/swaret/linuxpack
31. You use mutt, love it, and think those who don’t are idiots.
32. /usr/bin/pine exists.
33. The reason why you are so proud that emacs has its own diskset is that it makes it easier to remove.
34. You cannot understand why other distros split packages in 20 different ones that still depend on one another.
35. You don’t remember when’s the last time you re-installed.
36. You tell people “It’ll be released when it’s ready” more than 5 times a day.
37. You hate gentoo, but still compile everything.
38. Someone says "rm", and you think about trolls before the command.
39. You know how to use the rsync command.
40. You spend hours trying to get Beryl to work, only to disable it because you find it annoying.
41. You get excited when someone yells “The aliens are coming!”
42. You laughed at any of the above.
43. You contributed to this list.
44. You grab -current, see it runs not very stable, yell out “THIS IS AWESOME!!!” and start fixing it with a smile on your face.
45. You run across a dusty floppy disk labeled with the single letter “N” and think “I can’t throw this away, it might come in handy!”
46. You obsessively to name things “darkstar”
47. You port it to amd64 :)
48. If slackware didn’t exist you’d be using a BSD.
49. You have a sticker on your laptop that says “Ubuntu sux”
50. Your home directory is /my/slackbox/rules/ or /my/slacktop/rules/ :D
51. you change the start up scripts with vim (or emacs)
52. /usr/bin/pico exists
53. The first thing you do after starting KDE is open Konsole. With more than one tab. (Insert your favorite WM/shell)
54. For those of you who use nano, you’ve added a color-coding rule-set for *.SlackBuilds.

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